The NPOAuthority does one thing better than anyone…….That’s finding new donors in real time!

All we need is a name and the state they live in and in seconds you will be in contact with this individual.

You will have all the answers to all the test questions before you take the test.
The makes prospect research a breeze. What takes the average development officer 22 minutes to find ….the software finds in 2 seconds.


• Ability to query and sort screening results based on multiple data sets, including: ratings, state, giving capacity, wealth capacity, real estate, customized user fields, giving categories, and more.
• Donors’ charitable gifts to other nonprofits will be sorted and organized by the nonprofit description type.
• Analytics and rankings are included for each prospect including an annual gift score, planned gift score, and major gift score.
• Editable and detailed profiles are included with the option for user customization.
• Capacity estimates based on giving and wealth components are included for each prospect.
• Free unlimited customer support.
• Free training/reference manuals.
• In-depth philanthropy and wealth analytics to identify propensity and capacity to give.


Discover new prospects on the donation lists of similar organizations. Organizations can be similar in mission, location, or other factors.In addition to identifying the loyal donors of other nonprofits, you can:

Research fundraising efforts by other organizations – to see how you compare and to complete a strategic review of your development goals.
Find out more about a specific donation or organization.
Research and export data for further analysis or reporting.
Search by zip code and distance.
Receive income and asset information for organizations.
Use advanced search to search by year(s).
you can even make a mailing list upto 2,000 NEW People to your organization